Frequently asked questions

What are the procedures to drop off a vehicle OUT of our opening hours?


  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to leave the car in the alley at the rear of the office or in any other parking in the alley out of our opening hours.
  • It is always better to return the vehicle during business hours in the alley at the rear of the office. If it’s not possible, follow the procedure below.
  • Your return must be made before the date and time specified in the contract
Map Grande Bibliothèque
  • Use ONLY the underground parking of the Grande Bibliothèque, accessible by Berri street.
  • Park the car (first level only).
  • Pay at the parking meter. You have to pay the MAXIMUM for a 24-hour period. (17$ monday to thursday, 12$ friday to sunday).
  • Put the ticket on the dashboard. It has to be VISIBLE.
  • Leave the keys in the glove box and lock all doors (button lock / unlock on driver door).
  • Call the office at 514-281-5000. Leave a message on voice mail with the name on the contract. Note : we will not go pick up the car until we get the message or you talked to one of our agent. Delay fees may apply.

  • Parking fine could be charge on your credit card if :
    • you didn’t place the ticket correctly
    • you didn’t pay for 24-hour period
    • you parked the car more than 24h before the next opening day.